How to get more social media clients

How to get international clients for social media marketing

In today’s interconnected world, social media has become an invaluable tool for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. With billions of active users across various platforms, social media marketing has evolved into a dynamic and influential marketing strategy. While local success is undoubtedly important, expanding your client base beyond borders can bring about a whole new level of growth and opportunity.

The ability to attract international clients for your social media marketing services opens the doors to a vast pool of diverse audiences, markets, and cultures. By tapping into this global landscape, businesses can amplify their brand presence, establish credibility on a global scale, and ultimately drive substantial revenue growth.

But how exactly can you navigate the path towards securing international clients for your social media marketing endeavors? In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the strategies, tactics, and best practices necessary to unlock global success. Whether you’re an independent social media marketer or part of an agency, this blog will equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to expand your horizons and thrive in the international market.

Before offering your services to the potential clients you need to prepare yourself: 

  1. Complete your social media platforms with details. Proper profile images, cover or background photos. some most effective posts at least 29 that carry values to your visitors.
  2. Good Language proficiency: No matter how good you are at your skills, if you do not know the ways to communicate with your potential clients then nothing will happen. If you are offering your services to your native area then it is ok.
  3. Find an industry and then dig down to the smaller category of the business : for instance Cleaning industry: you can find the businesses of window cleaning services providers, deep cleaning services providers, house cleaning service providers, carpet cleaning service providers, sofa cleaning service providers etc.
  4. Find your best social media platform skill sets where you are really good at generating an audience, increase engagement, followers and shares ets. Learn the key objectives of the social media to offer and accomplish your missions for the clients. Remember, a really satisfied client could potentially recommend you to other great opportunities. Be confident and valuable to the clients.
  5. Have the contacts handy with plenty of numbers: Make sure to have a number of potential contacts of the businesses you are going to offer for.
  6. Prepare the tools to contact them effectively: An Email Sender like Mailchimp, Getresponse or campaign monitor.
  7. Free sign up for a video sharing platform that allows you to track your viewers: Like Vidyard: Link is given in the description. Vidyard is a platform that allows you to capture your screen or upload your videos then you can share with e-mails, embed them on your landing page. It is free to sign up.


Actions to take to get more clients for social media marketing services:

Now you need to take actions to Get more clients for social media marketing services.

  1. Find the flaws and developing areas of the business to help your potential clients. Lets say, their graphical presence is not good on social media, from time to time they are not posting on their social media, they are not responding to their comments, maybe there are so many spam comments, maybe they do  not have proper content planning for the social media platforms etc.
  2. List down the issues on a paper and Record the flaws of the business with vidyard. Vidyard will automatically store the video on their platform and share a link for you and embed code to use for the emails. The best part of vidyard is that it will show the recipients activity on : did they watch your video or not, how long they watch your video, from where they have watched your video and most importantly they can also share the video with their business partners and decision makers.
  3. Prepare a cheaper price offer initially: You should be aware that you are going to establish a relationship with the business and build trust with the clients. Later you can offer them a better service with a higher price. Or the client will recommend you to the pricier clients.
  4. Now you need to sign up for an email sender: It is recommended to send emails one by one to the targeted, analyzed contacts with specific video and it converts like crazy. But if you want to target a whole industry then find the most common pain problems of the business then Create a video on How the issues are affecting their business. Then you can send the bulk email using an email marketing platform.

    Another cool thing is about the email marketing platforms that they will track the activity of the recipients. The very personalized, targeted emails work really well.

  5. How many emails do you need to send ? You need to send emails as long as they do not convert. But experts say you need to send at least 7 emails to follow up. Then you can send a series of emails with valuable contents that you have prepared for earlier. The cool thing is when you will share the effective issues of their social media then they tend to contact you back. It is recommended to offer a complementary service so that you can have a good relationship with them.
  6. Never stop your continuous contacts/lead generation process so that you can offer more and more prospects with  your offers in the same way that I have discussed.
  7. To generate leads you need to prepare some lead magnets that have values to the business you are going to offer your service. For instance lead magnets for Cleaning Industry: New safety rules for the cleaning companies.pdf, how to get more calls as a cleaning comapny.pdf, coupon offer on accessories for the cleaning  companies, free email marketing for cleaning companies, free design offer for leaning companies, free social media graphic elements for cleaning companies etc. Prepare a landing page with signup form and then start driving traffic. Another way to find leads using google business search, Facebook business search, Bing local listing, craigslists business search etc.


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